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Crestor Muscle Pain


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Muscle pain (myalgia) is estimated to affect 10-15% of people who use Crestor (rosuvastatin) and other cholesterol-lowering drugs in the statin class. As a conservative estimate, 1.5 million people per year experience muscle pain while taking statins. In rare cases, Crestor muscle pain progresses to a life-threatening disease called rhabdomyolysis, which can lead to kidney failure and death.

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What is Crestor?

Crestor (rosuvastatin) is a cholesterol-lowering statin that has been marketed in the United States since August 2003. Today, it is a blockbuster drug that is used by millions of people. In 2012, sales of Crestor generated $6.25 billion for drug-maker AstraZeneca.

Crestor and Muscle Pain

Muscle pain is a symptom of a muscle disease called “myopathy,” which is a side effect of Crestor and all cholesterol-lowering statins. Although most cases are mild, it can grow progressively worse and lead to debilitating muscle weakness and pain. Although muscle pain is one of the most common side effects of statins, many people who use Crestor go undiagnosed for years because they are not aware of the risk.

Risk Factors for Crestor and Muscle Pain

  • Over 80 years old
  • Female
  • Low body mass index (BMI), small body frame or low weight
  • Underlying diseases (diabetes, hypothyroidism, kidney disease)
  • Drug interactions (talk to your doctor for a complete list)
  • Vigorous exercise
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Diet (excessive grapefruit or cranberry juice)
  • Genetic factors

Onset and Duration of Crestor Muscle Pain

According to a study published in 2005 in the Archives of Internal Medicine, muscle pain can occur in as little as 1 week on Crestor, but it takes an average of 10 months before symptoms appear. When Crestor is discontinued, symptoms persist for an average of 2.3 months.

Crestor Muscle Pain Symptoms

Muscle pain is a part of aging and everyday life. It can be difficult to tell the difference between Crestor muscle pain and other common ailments, like arthritis or exercise. Tell your doctor right away if you experience unexplained muscle pain on Crestor — you may need to switch to a lower dose of Crestor or take another statin.

Symptoms of Crestor muscle pain typically occur near the center of the body or at joints, but not always. The pain is often generalized (as opposed to a sharp pain in a specific area of the body) and it gets worse with exercise.

Symptoms of Crestor muscle pain:

  • Fatigue
  • Muscle tenderness
  • Spasms
  • Stiffness
  • Muscle weakness
  • Joint pain
  • Cramps at night
  • Tendon pain

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Free Crestor Muscle Pain Lawsuit Evaluation: Again, if you or a loved one was injured by Crestor and muscle pain, you should contact our lawyers immediately. You may be entitled to compensation by filing a lawsuit and we can help.

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